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Slashdot may use IBM's logo again

We received the following email today from IBM. I'd like to thank David Shields and all the others at IBM that helped resolve this issue so quickly.

I met Tuesday with the attorneys who sent you the letter about Slashdot's use of the IBM logo. A letter from IBM granting Slashdot permission to use the IBM logo on the web site in connection with IBM related news stories will go out today. I gave the attorneys a couple of WHO CD's to enclose with the letter.

One of the attorneys noted you weren't using a precise representation of the IBM logo. We agreed not to go down that road. You get to decide how to present the IBM logo to your readers.

We released Jikes for Linux on July 15th. A few days later someone from alphaWorks told me they had received over 10,000 hits in one day from Slashdot. I soon found the reason -- Sengan's article IBM Releases Java Compiler for Linux. I'm an avid fan of your site, and have had several discussions with Sengan about Linux and Open Source issues.

Last Thursday I saw the article IBM Beefs up Apache Package in which you mentioned you had gotten a letter from IBM about Slashdot's use of the IBM logo. I expected this would not sit well with your readers, and sent off a note to a number of IBMers interested in Linux to alert them to this problem.

I got sufficient feedback within a few hours that I was able to send you the note Thursday evening saying you had nothing to worry about.

It's taken a few days to sort this out (there was some delay locating the attorney who sent you the letter). There was a flood of e-mail inside IBM -- turns out many IBMers visit your site regularly.

Keep up the good work,


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Slashdot may use IBM's logo again

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