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GNU is Not Unix

FLTK News Update

Michael Sweet writes "On September 25, 1998, Digital Domain instructed Mr. Bill Spitzak to discontinue development of FLTK, a LGPL'd C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX and Microsoft Windows. Shortly thereafter a group of developers for FLTK reincarnated the library on a mirror site link so that development could continue. Since then a new beta release of FLTK (19981006) has been released to resolve problems under Microsoft Windows discovered in the last release from Mr. Spitzak. The FLTK developers have declared a feature freeze for FLTK and are working steadily towards releasing version 1.0 of FLTK. Bug reports for FLTK should now be addressed to "" to ensure that required fixes are made. In addition, the FLTK mailing list is available for asking questions and suggesting improvements. For more information see the new FLTK web page at "". The FLTK web page, FTP site, mailing list, and CVS server are being hosted by Easy Software Products, a small software firm located in Maryland. Easy Software Products develops commercial software and supports free software. "
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FLTK News Update

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