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America Online

Repost:AOL and Real

Rob Lanphier wrote in wondering about what happened to the AOL/RN story. Well, it appears that little digital hiccup we had today sort of, well, "lost" the story. So, in recap, AOL will be bundling RealPlayer in their latest round of pseudo-techie coasters that will be coming out soon. Additionally, the Beta 2 of the player is out, with the additional features:
  • New Intel/RealNetworks video codec technology (better quality video)
  • Frame Rate Upsampling (take a 15 fps video and make it look like 20-30 fps)
  • Web-based server administration tool w/source (hack to your hearts delight)
  • Server on multiple platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Win NT, DEC OSF, SGI Irix, Win 95)
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Repost:AOL and Real

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