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GNU is Not Unix

RMS Seeks to Re-establish LPF

Aaron M. Renn writes "Richard Stallman posted a message on gnu.misc.discuss seeking people interested in re-establishing the League of Programming Freedom. The LPF did not take a position on proprietary vs. free software but instead focused on fighting those things which threated the ability of anyone to write software, specifically software patents and look and feel copyrights. The LPF is now dormant, but if people are willing to step up into a leadership role to work to re-establish this organization, it could become active again. I don't think I need to tell anyone here that software patents are worse than ever, not to mention such monstrosities as WIPO. Stallman's article is not yet on DejaNews, but the message is is The LPF web site is archived here "
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RMS Seeks to Re-establish LPF

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