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Harvard Review on Linux and E-lance Econo

Allison Huynh writes "In the HBR (sept/oct. 98) issue, there's this positive article call "Dawn of the E-lance Economy" that mentioned Linux and Linus Torvalds prominently! It's mainly a speculative piece on the future of economic organization rather than a rigorous analysis of our favourite Penguin. Nevertheless, it makes great use of Linux as a discontinuous and innovative example in economic trend calling." The full article costs money ($100 for an annual subscription fee), but there is an executive summary available (Ed: I expect that e-lancing will become standard next century. I would expect to see the development of syndicates that protect their members from unscrupulous companies and that build a reputation for themselves. Do you agree? Would you want to work for such a syndicate?) Allison also asked us to plug an Open Source Forum at Stanford University this November. Please e-mail him if you have suggestions on topics and speakers you would like to see there.
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Harvard Review on Linux and E-lance Econo

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