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Microsoft Woes

Apparently, for Windows 98 users, year 2000 will happen early, and every year; Alledgedly, Windows 98 leapt two days forward or one day back when the clock ticked past midnight on New Year's Eve, for every year attempted... I guess Windows dates must be coded in unary. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates will have ample oppurtunity to discuss this, and other complaints at his public deposition in the DOJ-Microsoft court case. Perhaps, the rumour of a Microsoft Unix with the Win32 API is not so far-fetched after all... Thanks to Edgar Villanueva and Rob Dyke for their contribution.
Well, apparently Winix is an April fool's joke that I had never seen before. I guess it gives us an indication of "Spencer"'s newsworthyness. Also some slashdot readers have already tested the year wraparound bug, and declared it not to be there. Either the Year 2000 test tool has a bug, or it only occurs in the UK version. Anyone from the UK care to comment?
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Microsoft Woes

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