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ISA is dead, long live ISA

ISA is finally dead. Microsoft and Intel have been hinting as much in previous PC 9x drafts, so it comes as no surprise. The particularly interesting aspect to this is that it means older DOS games relying on ISA soundcards will be incompatible with future machines -- barring Microsoft's DOS box emulation. We can also expect future Microsoft OS' to give up supporting ISA hardware, obsoleting it. I hope Linux will not go down that path, since old hardware can be used by non-profit organisations, 3rd world countries and Universities (Beowolf clusters of 386's) Other requirements include a 300Mhz processor, a 56K modem, 256K L2, an AGP graphics card, in-built networking recommended and 32Mb of Ram for the home user. It'll be interesting to see how these requirements and the sub-1000$ phenomenon interact.
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ISA is dead, long live ISA

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