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The Almighty Buck

ISC Modifying Business Model

Python writes "Sunworld has a story about ISC planing on charging, in some form, for BIND. They don't plan on doing this anytime soon, and still imply that the open source model is critical to BIND - so its not as if BIND is going to become a commercial product tommorrow. Still, heres a quote from the story 'ISC has just hired a new executive director chartered with making BIND development viable. And though Vixie is loathe to use the words `for profit,' he says it is `likely' that the ISC `will not continue to pursue 501(c) [non-profit] status.' In other words, the ISC is changing from a charity to a Silicon Valley company.' ". I have sorta mixed feelings on this - I hope it's for the best...
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ISC Modifying Business Model

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