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Warning: upgrade with care

Upgrading to Windows 98 is not for the fainthearted, as it does not appear to be 100% compatible. In particular be aware that Windows 98 introduces a new driver model, WDM, which requires different drivers. The older VxD type may or may not work. I've heard this affects Philips CD-ROM drives using Adaptec drivers. W'98 also tries to emulate a Soundblaster card, which is rather difficult so it may not work with all games. Apparently there are also problems with older revisions of BIOS. Microsoft is also being swamped by customer service calls effectively requiring users to rely on each other and the media... If any of you do have to use Windows (My wife does for the student version of Maple V -- not available under Linux), then you have been advised. Of course you'll get the obligatory first viri but it won't be quite this bad I wonder how Windows 98 will score in ZD-NET's customer satisfaction survey.
Thanks to BOredAtWork, and Sad for the references.
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Warning: upgrade with care

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