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Corel IRC Chat Friday

Tomorrow afternoon, you can join Corel senior software engineers on irc.corel.com in #corelcomputer. It'll start at 4pm EDT, and it will be a great chance to get all those questions about the NetWinder answered from the folks who know best. Hit the link below to read the official information from Corel.

The following is an announcement from Oliver Bendzsa of Corel Computer.

Corel Computer Corp. invites all interested parties to participate in a Live IRC chat Friday, June 26, 4-5 PM EST. Please join senior members of Corel Computer's development team to discuss topics such as the status of the company, its Linux development schedule, and everything you ever wanted to know about the NetWinder and were afraid to ask.

In the words of Mark Twain, "Recent reports of the demise of Corel Computer, the NetWinder and Linux development were greatly exaggerated." The company is alive and well. Please read the FACTS about Corel's recent announcement to consolidate the operations of Corel Computer (www.corelcomputer.com), and please join us on Friday.

Here are the details of the event:
Friday, June 26, 1998
4:00 - 5:00 Eastern Standard Time
The IRC server is called irc.corel.com
The conference channel will is #corelcomputer
Users will have to download a IRC client to use this service
Linux Users may find a client @ http://www.xnet.com/~blatura/linapp4.html#inet
Users of other OS may find a client @ http://idirect.tucows.com/

Thank you.

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Corel IRC Chat Friday

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