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Caldera to release NetWare server for Linux

Broadening support, Caldera has said that as of Wednesday, June 24, a three-user license version wil be on their FTP server for download. The announcement will be posted on their web site later today, but sources inside the company have confirmed this already. Mmmm...I love good news after lunch. For the full press release, read more below.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CALDERA ANNOUNCES BETA OF CALDERA NETWARE SERVER FOR LINUX Orem, UT -- June 22, 1998 -- Caldera®, Inc. announces the availability of the beta version of the Caldera NetWare® Server for Linux. A three-user license version of the beta will be available for download at no charge from Caldera's FTP site beginning Wednesday, June 24, 1998. Beta documentation and a monitored mail list will be accessible via the Web site. Formal technical support for the beta product will not be offered. The Caldera NetWare Server for Linux will provide NetWare file, print and directory services running natively on Linux. This a component of the Caldera Small Business Server, a turn-key software server solution with web-based system administration and e-mail, to be released during the third quarter of this year. "The Caldera NetWare Server for Linux is being made available in direct response to customer and VAR requests. It meets the need for NetWare services, plus Internet integration, on a low-cost, easy to manage platform," said Ransom Love, General Manager of the OpenLinux Division at Caldera. "Making the beta version available to the Linux and NetWare communities allows us to gather feedback and then release an extremely polished product." After the four-week beta period has ended, a non-beta three-user version will continue to be available for download at no charge. Additional user licenses will be available for purchase when the final product is released. ### COMPANY INFORMATION Caldera, Inc. develops and markets a line of operating system and networking technologies including OpenLinux and DR-DOS. For more information about Caldera products and technologies, please visit our web site at www.caldera.com, or call 1-888-GO-LINUX or 1-801-765-4888.
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Caldera to release NetWare server for Linux

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