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GNU is Not Unix

The Gnuotes (GNU Notes) Project

Paul Matthews writes "A lot of slashdot readers don't like Notes, but although Lotus' implementation of Notes is rather bad, the concept behind the product is quite sound. So I would like to tell everyone about a new project which aims to make a GNU replacement for Lotus Notes. Our motivation in creating this project is produce a "killer application", one essential piece of software that will take us from the peripheries straight to the heart of any business organisation. At the moment the project is completely at the preliminary stages, creating a web site, the mailing list, searching the web for tools, products and programs to assist us in our task. But most importantly, collecting ideas from people. This is a large project and as such we will be identifying parts which can be broken off to become completely independent projects in their own right. Hopefully the results of these subprojects will be usefull to other open source developers, and they will find their way into other open source programs. " Interested people can check The Gnoutes Website or The Mailing List Archives for more information on the project.
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The Gnuotes (GNU Notes) Project

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