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Sun Microsystems

Sun Sues Sunline over Sun

admin sent us " this story and says "Can you call your Internet site Sunline? Or does that infringe on SunMicrosystems' trademarks? That's the gist of a lawsuit currently being played out in federal court in Florida. The Sun Coast Media Group, which publishes the Charlotte, Fla., Sun Herald and other newspapers with "Sun" in their names, wants to keep calling its award-winning Web site and Internet Service Provider "Sunline." Sun Microsystems took legal action to stop the Herald from using that name." This sorta stuff is so tricky. On one hand, sun needs to protect their name, but newspapers have called 'Sun' since before anyone ever heard of Sun Microsystems. It's not like we'll confuse a newspaper and a hardware/software company. I personally don't like this at all.
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Sun Sues Sunline over Sun

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