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Sun Microsystems

Sun Joins Linux International

Slashdot Exclusive - Sun Microsystems has officially joined Linux International. While Sun has no plans to begin bundling Linux with their workstations, they realize their customers have taken an interest in the OS. Read on to find out more, including the upcoming announcment from Sun regarding the company's official position on all things Linux.
David Andrew will represent Sun on Linux International board. He has stated the following things:
  • Sun has no plans to bundle Linux with any of its SPARC workstations
  • Sun will not support end-users directly, but will support vendors which "package" Linux
He has listed the following reasons as to why Sun will be joining Linux International:
  • "Availability of our new low-cost Ultra5 and Ultra10 workstations, designed to run Unix OS very well."
  • "Support for other Unix participants against NT is in our interest."
  • "Appreciation of the people who are doing the UltraPenguin port for SPARC."
Certainly sounds like Linux has gained an important ally. Linux, Sun, Netscape, and millions of others. Linux is a powerful player, indeed.
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Sun Joins Linux International

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