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Be and LILO

Liam J. Furniss wrote in with this link over to Be. For those of you who haven't heard about this, there has been rumblings that BeOS x86 contains some of the LILO code, and might be violating a copyright somewhere. The link above has a statement from Jean-Louis Gassee (Be CEO) and he mentions this in an article about Netscape.

"On a closely related issue, eagle-eyed developers have questioned our adherence to the Open Software pact in relevant parts of our recent release such as the bootloader. Specifically, if we use or modify public domain code, are we putting that source code back into the public domain as we are obligated to do? We're investigating this as I write this and will take whatever corrective action is necessary."

I've heard arguements from a dozen folks about this, but I'm glad to see a firm statement that things will be set straight.

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Be and LILO

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