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Be Makes Good on GPL

Vikram Kulkarni sent us a few bits from Be about their GPL code use: "One last forgotten item. In the mad rush to get Release 3 out the door, we forgot to also release the GNU Public License code that used in the BeOS. We are rectifying this lapse in memory now. We use GPL code for malloc, termcap and crypt. This are directly linked into the kernel, libroot, telnet, telnetd, top, and zbeos (the BeOS Intel bootloader). We have a single downloadable archive called ">gnu_x86.tar.gz that contains makefiles, the GNU source code, and object files that allow you to rebuild these components. We also use GPL code for our 3Com 3C905 Ethernet drivers. This code comes from Linux and the source is available in an archive called ">linux_ether.tar.gz"" I'm very pleased to see everyone involved make good on this. There was a lot of hostility for awhile there, and its nice to see it resolved fairly cleanly.
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Be Makes Good on GPL

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