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Signatures Against I2O NDA

Ben Kosse writes "First, I am gathering "signatures" of people who would like to protest keeping I2O under NDA. Yes, there are already systems running I2O out there on the market (or there are at least advertisers saying their systems are running I2O). If you would like your name on the list, mail with your name, e-mail address (I promise I won't use your addresses for anything other than this protest), and up to 50 words of information. If you would like to write another "Cathedral and the Bazzar," make it a seperate message, and if I think it's good enough, I'll attach it to the protest. Secondly, if someone would like to make a logo to distribute to people, I would greatly appreciate it, as I have no artistic ability. I was thinking something along the lines of "Incompatible 2 Open" or similar. If you make a logo, mail me the WEB PAGE where I can look at it."
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Signatures Against I2O NDA

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