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Microsoft Releases Gryphon

In more WindowsCE news, Microsoft has released Gryphon to OEMs. Gryphon is Microsoft's 'Pilot Killer'. The first of the new devices based on the PalmPC reference spec is the Philips Nino. It is almost exactly like the PalmPilot, only slightly larger. The screen is 320x240 and comes with 4 or 8MB of RAM, and an integrated 19.2Kbps modem. Pricing starts at US$400. Expect other manufacturers to unveil their devices during CES.

Update Everex has announced their PalmPC, the FreeStyle, available in two models, the Associate and the Executive. The Freestyle comes with either 2 or 8MB of RAM and can recieve FLEX encoded pages. It will be available around March.
I pledged never to turn to the dark side, but this thing looks pretty cool (good thing I can't afford one ;)....Is this the PalmPilot killer? Looks that way to me, but who knows

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Microsoft Releases Gryphon

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