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Sun Microsystems

New Line of Suns

m.n. writes the following update on the new line of sparc stations that I definately can't afford, but certainly would desire. If anyone wants to donate a sparc station to Slashdot, lemme know *smile*. Anyway "Sun is expected to unveil three new Ultra workstations this month. The first is the Ultra 5 which is expected to be powered by a 270 Mhz UltraSparc II processor. List pricing is expected to be below $5000. Taking up a slot in the middle of the workstation line is the Ultra 10. I haven't found many details other than this is anticipated to have a 300Mhz UltraSparc II and price below $10,000. The monster of the product line is going to be called the Ultra 60 which will be a multiprocessor and start around $20,000.

Details are sketchy outside of this, but all machines are expected to have 4 PCI slots, a gigabit switched bus, UltraSCSI, a minimum of 64MB ECC RAM, 100Tx ethernet and whoop ass graphics."

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New Line of Suns

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