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Wikipedia Used To Spread Virus 116

eldavojohn writes "The German Wikipedia has recently been used to launch a virus attack. Hackers posted a link to an all alleged fix for a new version of the blaster worm. Instead, it was a link to download malicious software. They then sent e-mails advising people to update their computers and directed them to the Wikipedia article. Since Wikipedia has been gaining more trust & credibility, I can see how this would work in some cases. The page has, of course, been fixed but this is nevertheless a valuable lesson for Wikipedia users."
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Wikipedia Used To Spread Virus

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  • by twitter ( 104583 ) on Sunday November 05, 2006 @04:04PM (#16727659) Homepage Journal

    People with reasonable sense of life will not trust complete strangers. ... dumb people will always get what they deserve. They will screw their life by trusting complete strangers and also they will screw their PCs, again

    Don't blame the victim, their only fault is to trust Microsoft. Do you know and trust people at Microsoft or are they just another group of "strangers" who screwed your PC with stuff that's easy for malicious people to exploit? I trust another group of "strangers" at Debian but have not been screwed in any of these ways. When and if someone moles their way into Debian, I'm going to blame the mole not myself. Reputation and knowledge are not absolute protection from the malicious. The only thing that's dumb here is that people continue to use and trust Microsoft. Any organization that trusts or works with Microsoft can be screwed this way.

VMS must die!