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How To Make Your Friends Call You More 233

B0bReader writes, "Simply sign up to something called jajah (a VOIP service that connects real telephones) using your friend's number (mobiles included), then log in and dial your own number. Your friend's phone will ring and after they hear a brief 'Jajah is connecting your call' they will be calling you and incur all charges. As an added bonus you will quite probably receive your friend's latest voice-mail message as your own (at least on Irish networks), which you may or may not wish to hear. There is even a Jajah Firefox extension — which at the time of writing is the Firefox featured add-on — so you can do it right from your browser. This is about the best example of a bad idea, with terrible implementation, that I have seen all day. And with the wonderful publicity the Firefox page offers it should reach a wide audience in no time."
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How To Make Your Friends Call You More

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  • Hyper-reaction! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 29, 2006 @06:32PM (#16635958)
    Obviously the Irish voicemail system you refer too is poorly designed in these days of confrence calls...

    This service however does not cause your friends phone to call you, thats rediculous. The service calls you localy, and calls them localy, and then links your calls with VOIP, saving any long distance calls. Thats about it.

  • by stroustrup ( 712004 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @06:34PM (#16635978) Journal
    The rates they are offering are much lower than any other service I know of. The only concern I have is privacy. They say privacy is guarenteed, but how I can know for sure?
  • WRONG! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 29, 2006 @06:36PM (#16636004)
    Hey Jackass have you ever used Jahjah? The call is _free_ for both sides. Are you a shill for some competitor? How does this shit get on slashdot unverified?
  • Re:WRONG! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Frogbert ( 589961 ) <{frogbert} {at} {}> on Sunday October 29, 2006 @07:07PM (#16636256)
    I think it has to do with how US Mobiles are priced. For some stupid reason in the US the one receiving the call is the one who has to pay. The rest of the world goes the more sane route where the person making the call pays.
  • JaJah is GREAT! (Score:5, Informative)

    by yfarjoun ( 878821 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @07:09PM (#16636276) Homepage
    I don't know what the poster is high on. Jajah is simply a way to call long-distance for cheap. I use it all the time for calling international and long distance (I hate talking on the cell-phone for a long time).

    The way that they work is that they call both you and your party and connect the call via VOIP. However, you foot the bill with a credit card. I tried many other calling-card companies, Skype, and whatnot. So far, Jajah is pretty good, and darn cheap.

    Sure, you could sign up and put your friends number, but it will not charge any money to them. My only complaint is that you can only change your phone numbers 3 times so if you move often (as I have over the last few months) you might have to open a new account.

    They even give you a few $$$ to spend BEFORE they ask for your credit card number! so you can try them out for "free".


  • submitter confused (Score:2, Informative)

    by BarneyRubble ( 180091 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @07:13PM (#16636298)
    Jajah call works by making 2 two local calls to to the participants and then
    connecting these two local calls over the internet (voip). The advantage for
    international calling should be obvious.

    In normal use jajah requires you to credit your account (visa,mastercard etc) and then charges
    for calls. And although you could use it for prank calls by registering someone else
    phone number then connecting them to someone else (the queen or whoever) you would have to

    There is a free trail where you could set up a prank call for free but your friends wouldn't pay,
    it would be jajah that would pick up the bill.

      Unless in the US or somewhere you have to pay to *receive* calls but even
    then it wouldnt cost your friend anymore than if you phoned him/her normally.
  • by stunt_penguin ( 906223 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @07:14PM (#16636304)
    RTFA and try and grasp the concept better than the idiot who posted this article; the only service that gets charged here is your own JaJa account - the site phones your landline and your friend's landline using VoIP credit in YOUR account (a lot like skypeout), and your landlines get connected together.

    This is a good service, and not worthy of an amateurish slashdot post like this.
  • Not quite (Score:4, Informative)

    by Sycraft-fu ( 314770 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @07:51PM (#16636584)
    So the way it works on the American system is cell phone users are always responsible for airtime charges. This means that any time you are on a call on your cellphone, it is counted against your minutes, or billed per minute if you've exceeded your monthly allotment. However any other charges are the responsibility of the caller. So if it is long distance between the two parties, the initiator of the call pays those charges, if applicable, regardless of the type of phone on either endpoint.

    There are plenty of plans that make airtime charges more complicated, such as no airtime charges nights and weekends, no charges to people on the same network and so on but the basis is that the owner of the phone pays for the time it's actually on the air. However they don't pay for other charges on received calls. You can call from Germany and you'll pick up the long distance tab, I'll just be responsible for airtime. However if I call Germany I am responsible for both the airtime and the LD.
  • Re:WRONG! (Score:2, Informative)

    by x1n933k ( 966581 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @08:05PM (#16636666) Homepage
    JaJah is not free. It is not free for local calls, it is not free for long distance calls. Although, it is quite cheap. They give you 60 cents or so and then charge you every time you use it and then a few cents per minute. I know this because I have been using it for the last few months.

    Didn't think of adding friends numbers though. The problem I see if after they rack up a bill they link it to your IP. That and of course, your friends would notice,"One moment please. Jajah is connecting your call" automated voice that talks when the 'caller' calls the 'called party'.


  • EXPLANATION (Score:2, Informative)

    by Crazyswedishguy ( 1020008 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @08:29PM (#16636876)
    So to make things clear, before others keep posting about how stupid this thing is:
    Jajah is basically similar to Skype, except that instead of using your laptop to talk, you use your phone. The end result is the same, that is you are connecting over IP to the other person.
    So, you go ahead and schedule a call, your phone rings, you pick up, and you're connected to your friend. In Europe, you don't pay for incoming calls, so this makes phone calls free.
    Now you're thinking, so what's the point of using this in the U.S.?
    Suppose I want to call my family in Sweden, but I'm in New Hampshire. I don't want to pay a fortune for that call. I could use Skype, but I want to take a walk without dragging my laptop around (and I don't have a PocketPC). With Jajah, I pay to receive a local call, they connect me over IP (for free, or else a very low charge, like 2 cents/minute). I've used this a few times, and though it's not completely reliable, and doesn't work every time, on average it works very well. And I expect it to get better.
  • by Control Group ( 105494 ) on Sunday October 29, 2006 @09:33PM (#16637388) Homepage
    This is only rated 2?

    Come on, people - someone give this guy points. It was the perfect response!

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!