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AMD completes ATI acquisition

It's official, AMD has completed the acquisition of ATI, marking a ' historic day for employees, partners and customers as we (AMD) officially welcome ATI into the AMD family'. Today, AMD created a united powerhouse with approximately 15,000 employees. "The vendor claimed end-users should benefit from AMD's and ATI's combined platform development and technical support teams, which will be co-located in Taipei and Shanghai. Combined with the existing Austin and Toronto locations, these sites offer research and development and support to provide end-users with a complete solution for optimised platform development. AMD plans to deliver a range of integrated platforms in 2007 to serve key markets, including: commercial clients; mobile computing; and gaming and media computing. PC users will benefit from innovations intended to extend battery life on the next-generation AMD Turion 64 mobile technology-based platform and enhancements to the AMD LIVE! digital media PC platform."
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AMD completes ATI acquisition

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