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AMD Steps up Chip Challenge

AMD has unveiled its vision for the next generation of microprocessors that will integrate both the CPU and the graphics capabilities on the same chip. Codenamed 'Fusion', the "processors will provide significant improvements in performance-per-watt compared with current microprocessor architectures, and will offer the best user experience as advanced graphics becomes a more important part of computing, according to AMD." Selling complete 'platforms' puts AMD on more equal footing with Intel, and shows that innovation is at the heart of AMD's strategy. "In Wednesday's announcement, AMD said it would begin selling CPU and chipset-based platforms in 2007, with a focus on several key markets including commercial PCs, laptops and gaming and media PCs. AMD said it will be able to get its newest technology to market sooner by selling a complete platform, while providing better performance and, in the case of laptops, longer battery life."
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AMD Steps up Chip Challenge

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