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AMD-ATI to Offer CPU/GPU Combo

This morning AMD's CTO, Phil Hester, announced the AMD-ATI platform project, "Fusion" , a CPU/GPU combo. Hester had this to say, " In this increasingly diverse x86 computing environment, simply adding more CPU cores to a baseline architecture will not be enough. As x86 scales from palmtops to petaFLOPS, modular processor designs leveraging both CPU and GPU compute capabilities will be essential in meeting the requirements of computing in 2008 and beyond." In other words, AMD's future "Fusion" platform, which the company says could be ready by late 2008 or early 2009, won't just be an Athlon and a Radeon sharing the same silicon. The companies will truly be looking into the potential benefits of using multiple pipelines along with multiple cores, as a new approach to parallelism in computing tasks."
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AMD-ATI to Offer CPU/GPU Combo

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