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AMD-Powered Dell Servers: Trouble for Intel?

According to Top Tech News, the new AMD/Dell partnership , with Dell using AMD's Opteron processors, could make a big winner out of AMD, from both a financial and a PR standpoint. Dell's two AMD-powered PowerEdge servers could spell trouble for Intel. "The new partnership between Dell and AMD, announced at the Oracle OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco, will be just one more in a series of headaches for AMD-rival Intel, which has seen AMD come on strong over the past few years. The new partnership could make a big winner out of AMD, from both financial and PR standpoints. The company has been waiting a long time for this day, and now no longer has the stigma of its processors not being available on servers from one of the largest computer companies. AMD expects to sell an additional 14 million processors between now and 2008, and to have 30 percent of the PC and server market by then, largely because of its new relationship with Dell."
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AMD-Powered Dell Servers: Trouble for Intel?

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