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Q&A: AMD Gets Ready For Vista Rollout

CRN was able to sit down with AMD's vice president of global marketing , Pat Moorhead about Windows Vista recently. They touched on such topics as...processor recommendations (Athlon 64 single core at a minimum)...AMD's plans for getting system builders ready for Vista (tools, training, content, and Webinars)...and AMD's relationship with Microsoft ("We are very closely collaborating with Microsoft and there are three special things we're doing. We spoke at a Microsoft system builder Webinar, getting them ready for Vista. We just completed the AMD-Microsoft tech tour in the U.S. and road show for system builders and small retailers to talk about Vista enablement. In the fourth quarter, we're heading out on the road with Microsoft to do a deployment summit for systems integrators and solution providers serving the Fortune 1000.").
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Q&A: AMD Gets Ready For Vista Rollout

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