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Foolish Forecast: Advancing AMD

Tonight AMD will be reporting results for Q3 2006, and 'the Fool' (Motley Fool) is helping to set the stage for us. What are the analysts saying? The majority of them marked the stock 'buy' or 'hold'. What is management saying? COO Dirk Meyer says that the "average selling price (ASP) has increased and we believe we continued to gain unit and dollar share, as the server market continues to embrace AMD solutions across a broader industry footprint." And the Fool? "AMD is still in a very strong position in the corporate data center, and while that 30% goal might once have sounded audacious to a fault, it now looks rather realistic. And sneak a peek at those margin trends up there. It's hard to argue with the cold, hard numbers of great financial performances."
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Foolish Forecast: Advancing AMD

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