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Averatec's New Family of Ultra-Thin Mobile Computers

In the market for a mobile computer that 'has it all' ... high-performance processing power, true multi-tasking capabilities and digital media functionality -- without compromising style or portability? Then look no further than the Avaratec 2300 Series. The 2300 Series incorporates AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology into a compact notebook, capable of handling high-performance applications, online entertainment needs and digital media applications. "Averatec's newest line of ultra-thin, ultralight form-factor notebooks represent a true hybrid solution for mobile users that want it all -- power, entertainment, portability and style," said Saeed Shahbazi, president of Averatec. "Employing today's cutting-edge processors and Microsoft operating system, the 2300 Series provides customers with the kind of performance and entertainment value that has not been available to them before in such a compact notebook."
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Averatec's New Family of Ultra-Thin Mobile Computers

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