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Emulex Highlights HBA Performance with Opterons 2

Emulex's LightPulse family of 4 Gb/s HBAs is showing great results with AMD Opteron processor-based systems. "Emulex 4 Gb/s HBAs running in conjunction with AMD Opteron processors provide as much as a 78 percent performance advantage across a range of I/O workload requests when compared with competitive offerings." Emulex and AMD have worked closely together to promote interoperability, and to ensure customer have access to performance-driven solutions. "In addition, Emulex is working with AMD to develop solutions around next-generation products, such as those optimized for server virtualization environments." "The high-performance combination of Emulex's flexible and reliable 4 Gb/s HBAs with the AMD Opteron processor delivers unique and compelling benefits to our customers who require high levels of performance," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Emulex. "Working with AMD to deliver industry-leading, high-performance solutions also ensures support for next-generation technology innovation, such as server virtualization."
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Emulex Highlights HBA Performance with Opterons

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