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U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee Named 10

peterkorn writes "The U.S. Access Board — 'an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities' — sets the technical rules for accessibility by people with disabilities of IT sales to the U.S. government, and in U.S. telecommunications equiptment. They have named the composition of the new committee to update the Section 508 accessibility standards and the Section 255 accessibility guidelines. This advisory committee will help the Access Board with an overhaul of the Telecommunication Act Accessibility Guidelines and the set of Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards of Section 508. There were reportedly 4 applicants for each of the 40 slots on the committee."
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U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee Named

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  • wow... 4 applicants to each of the positions... well why didnt i hear sooner... i should have applied ... Whats the pay like ?

    10-20% (always half your job odds, no one likes you) is pretty good odds for getting a job
    • Re:Those Odds (Score:3, Insightful)

      What I'm wondering is how many people with disabilities are actually on this commission, as opposed to some career bureaucrats or Ph.D's who actually believe that they know what type of accomodations/modifications are necessary for a person with a disability to actually use have full use of a computer.
      • Board membership (Score:3, Informative)

        by tlambert ( 566799 )
        Board membership is published at their web site and in the Federal Register: e.htm []

        The board consists of 39 representatives from industry and disabilities organizations:

        I think the first poster was maybe confused about the appointment of Public members of the U.S. Access Board itself: []

        -- Terry
      • Based on a quick skim, I'd say about a quarter of the board is comprised of disability centric organizations. Of these, all have heavy participation of actual disabled end users. Also, many of the larger mainline members may be there due to the activities of a specific invested employee who will also be the representative.

        As an aside, your assumption of aimless and ill-informed behavior by the academic/political members is generally off the mark. Many non-disabled people end up in the field due to close p
  • Who could have guessed that they would name the U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee the U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee?
    • "Who could have guessed that they would name the U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee the U.S. Access Board Advisory Committee?"

      They missed the ball a bit, if you ask me. It should have been the Access Board Advisory Committee of the United States.

      Or ABACUS for short.

    • What does it matter how it is named? They won't accomplish anything is their annual meeting anyway. Maybe it'll be on pay-per-view so we can watch a first rate pissing match.

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