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GUADEC 2006 13

Elleo writes "GUADEC highlights the capabilities and direction of GNOME — the user environment for desktop computers, networked servers and portable Internet devices. GUADEC also features discussions of the future of Free Software and Open Source development in general. The GUADEC 2006 conference has begun today, with live streams available for those unavailable to visit the conference. A schedule of core talks is also available."
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  • Although GUADEC's core is Gnome, the warm-up weekend schedule [] contained many interesting sessions for Mozilla and localizers, but unfortunately live streams are only available for the core schedule.
  • GNOMEs Direction (Score:4, Interesting)

    by remin8 ( 791979 ) on Monday June 26, 2006 @05:18PM (#15608697)
    I have been using GNOME for the last 2 years (with ubuntu). Before that it was all KDE. Initially, I though GNOME was a little unrefined, however, month-by-month I am seeing really great inovations taking place with the GNOME desktop project. The nice thing is it seems GNOME has a goal in mind and is headed right for it.
  • GNOME -- the user environment for desktop computers, networked servers and portable Internet devices.

    Seems a little bit arrogant doesn't it? Quite apart from all those using OS X or Windows, what about KDE?
  • I hear... (And I've seen a seminar description about this) ... that all sorts of speed-ups and inefficiency cuts are coming this time around. Guadec '06 is supposedly going to make Gnome very, very quick and clean-cut through the revelation and elimination of many bottlenecks. I really can't wait. I know this is a pipe dream, but I bet in a few months after this, Gnome's going to take up 2/3rds the memory and system resources. Cross your fingers folks, this meeting is going to be speeding up linux boxes al

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