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FreeBSD Oct-Dec 2005 Status Report Available 41

An anonymous reader writes "The latest FreeBSD Status Report is available, covering updates for the last quarter of 2005. A quiet time, for the most part, but some interesting news on the TCP Optimization, and Xen, fronts."
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FreeBSD Oct-Dec 2005 Status Report Available

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  • by arivanov ( 12034 ) on Friday January 27, 2006 @05:02AM (#14577075) Homepage
    Why do we need FreeBSD?

    As a reference model on how things are supposed to be done by the book with professionally commented and written source and properly written documentation.

    What does it do that Linux doesn't?

    Correct integration of statefull firewall and QoS framework, full integration of NTP into the kernel, multiple alternative timer sources across the entire kernel not just parts of the network stack, full realtime posix timers, possibility to alter HZ above 2500 without bastardizing the kernel to hell, so on so fourth

    Who actually uses FreeBSD?

    Anyone who needs a proper working R&D platform with predictable and well documented behaviour. For example I do most of my R&D on BSD because it is written by the book and I can compare what I do with the actual articles and papers written by people. Once I got working what I want I move it to linux because this is what people tend to use. This is also the moment I usually start cursing.

  • by Shanep ( 68243 ) on Friday January 27, 2006 @08:28AM (#14577614) Homepage
    I wish I could use BSD. Unfortunately, I am on the PPC platform (I own a Powerbook).

    Don't like OSX?

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