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The Final Round of ILoveBees 56

Ensign Trolltalk writes "The Alternate Reality Game ilovebees (previously covered here and here) has entered its endgame, with the presumably final round of telephone calls taking place Sunday October 31st. Anyone wishing to get involved before it's over should check out the latest axon list (available here in more human-readable format with GPS coordinates, city, state, call time, and links to maps) and be prepared for anything. On Thursday November 4th, live "Combat Training Exercises" will be held in New York, Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco. It's believed that attendees will get to see and play Halo 2 before the game's official release. See the 404 page for details on these events."
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The Final Round of ILoveBees

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  • by Jorkapp ( 684095 ) <> on Sunday October 31, 2004 @03:35PM (#10680246)
    Live combat exercises

    ...will get to see and play Halo 2 before its released.

    So... I give up any dignity I still have left to play Halo 2 mere days before its release? Sweet deal!
    • Melissa (who is now merged with the Sleeping Princess) says the following on the 404 page:
      The first few hundred friends to sign up will be guaranteed admission under these conditions. I hope you will come, even if you have to come late, but I can't guarantee you will get in. I have a sneaking suspicion that when word gets out, there will be a whole lot of people who want to come that don't know a thing about bees...
    • So... I give up any dignity I still have left to play Halo 2 mere days before its release? Sweet deal!

      To be fair, part of the reward is to socialize with your fellow geeks and collaborate in solving a puzzle.

      Also, as my parents always said, going outside once in a while is good for you. ;-)
    • You bought a piece of hardware from Microsoft. Just how much dignity do you have left, at least among the Slashdot crowd?
  • by Ensign Trolltalk ( 826216 ) on Sunday October 31, 2004 @03:46PM (#10680294)
    I answered an axon in the first group (11:00PST). Melissa wasn't on the line as normal, and I wasn't asked a question like normal. Instead, I immediately got the sound clip for that axon group. Looks like they're doing things a bit different today. Sound clips are available on recipe8 once enough people have answered phones and heard them, but you should still go to your local axons and answer in order to make sure the clips get unlocked, and also because things may change later in the day. We don't know if there will be live calls today or not, but it's certainly a possibility.
  • the warez kiddies already play halo2 it would seem

    actually i have no interest in playing halo2 (when microsoft bought bungie i pretty much gave up any hope for the first halo being what it was intended to be,that isnt to say it isnt any good, it might be, but it isnt what was intended) but i would attempt to complete this puzzle if i lived near any of those cities.

    • I think that it's exiting that you have a direct line to the universe that contains the Platonic Forms of videogames and was wondering if you'd like to come and work for my company to tell me how the games I make are intended to be.
      • actually tracking what halo was SUPPOSED to be was pretty easy. an online gaming group i was in was tracking it until the buyout. we all pretty much agreed that the nature of the game would change considerably, and it did. originally halo was supposed to be similar to tribes.
  • LARP (Score:2, Troll)

    by Taulin ( 569009 )
    Too bad almost all of the Ilovebees contenders will be busy with LARP today, as they usually do on Sundays.

  • Maybe I've been living in a whole...I'm really lost here...Can somebody please tell me what the hell "I Love Bees" is?

    Is this the new "All your base"?
  • This ISN'T the end (Score:2, Informative)

    by badnova ( 615305 )
    From what I can gather, there is another transmission due on the 4th of November, with what I assume will be the actual wrapup of the story.
  • ILB resources (Score:2, Informative)

    by thebruce ( 112025 )
    for those interested, there are a number of sites to get up to date, though you're pretty much at the end of the arg now... even so, [] is a good start, and [] has transcripts of all the audio, and a timeline and text compilation of all that happened before the axon phase.
  • Yes, but... (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Did anybody figure out who Publius is?
  • here's all the audio files [] that are related to these get unlocked as people complete various tasks... it's pretty interesting, if you listen to all of them in order it's kind of like a 'radio series' that fleshes out the Halo backstory even more, and from what I understand the climax will lead into the release of Halo 2.
  • It was widely surmised that the Sunday broadcasts were the last round of audio clips, but it turns out that's not the case. There's going to be one more round on Thursday 11/4, according to Dana's blog []. Details of the final broadcast are not known yet.
    • I did say in the article that it was presumably the final round. I wrote it on Saturday when it was widely believed that Sunday's would be the last axon broadcast (although certainly not the end of the entire affair). And we don't know what Thursday's broadcast is going to be like -- I personally kind of doubt it'll be another axon broadcast, because where would the coordinates go? There's no recipe9. It seems to me that the pages were planned initially so that recipe8 (the last one) would be for the l

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