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Complete OSCON Coverage 41

An anonymous reader writes "Reporter Jay Lyman attended the O'Reilly OSCON developers' get-together and wrote daily briefs plus a wrap-up that are all posted on NewsForge now. If you didn't make it to this excellent conference, reading Jay's reports is the next best thing." Yes, NewsForge is also part of OSTG.
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Complete OSCON Coverage

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  • Damn ! (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Complete coverage my a** ! No mention of what they had for lunch.
  • Lets see some modded up comments already!

    Not one comment above 3? Are the mods fucking ASLEEP?!
  • Our JoT of the event, featuring the Dyson Geekosphere, Microsoft Free Lunch Survival Kit, and the SCO-doo Dolls. enJoy! [joyoftech.com]
  • Although there were many great hackers at OSCON this year, I was personally most inspired by Brewster Kahle, the man behind the Internet Archive [archive.org] repository of public domain media content. He pointed out that there's no use in blaming The Corporations for trying to get as rich as possible; it's the job of society and government to channel that greed with an appropriate legal regime (e.g. copyright reform). There was a good parallel with the destructive railroad monopolies of the 19th century, finally cur
  • The SCO "stand in" (as NewsForge calls him) was Jonathan Zittrain, from Harvard Law School. Zittrain debated Mark Radcliffe (representing IBM), who is an IP attorney for the Gray Cary law firm. Radcliffe is currently helping Sun open source Solaris.

    You can download a recording of the entire SCO debate here [neurocrat.com].

  • and still only 36 comments. Apparently, anybody who cares, was there.

  • What is O'Reilly up to having a conference
    about capacitors?


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