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Australian Open Source Awards 120

mge writes "Andrew Tridgell has won the Special Achievement Award for his work on Samba, the seamless file and print service for SMB/CIFS (Windows) clients, at the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group's inaugural Australian Open Source Awards. Aussie, Aussie, OI OI OI." And an "Oi, Oi" to you too.
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Australian Open Source Awards

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  • 010101 (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by los furtive ( 232491 )
    Does this mean 0i Oi Oi = 21?
  • Samba is great stuff... Congrats Andrew!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 08, 2002 @01:28PM (#4216352)
    But a dingo ate my project!

    I bet the Bloomin Onion that the winner gets is mighty tasty, too.
  • for making my life easier, saving me money, earning me new clients, and pissing off Microsoft in the bargain.
    • Agreed! Now, I'm kinda surprised at the lack of general response to the article. There are always loads of people going for the throats of the Samba developers whenever they change something. Seems like we have a lot of people who are willing to take something for free and complain about it, but they aren't even willing to say thanks. THANKS Samba guys!

  • How happy they will be :-)

    • We discussed this issue, and decided that the spirit of free software was inclusive, not divisive. Tux is just as much of a symbol for free software as the Berkeley daemon, and I'm sure that Luke would not have objected if he had received the award with a Tux.

      That wouldn't have happened, though. Despite our agreement, Patryk came prepared: he had a daemon statue which he would have stuck on the pedestal had one of the BSD people won an award.

      Greg Lehey
      President, AUUG Inc.
      • It wasn't meant in a mean way, it just struck me.

        But I don't agree with your argumentation. For me (and I think for most people both Tux and Beasty stand for their respective OSes, not for free software as a whole)

        Then the GNU Gnu would be a better choice.
        (which is also not perfect for obvious reasons, but already a lot more general)
  • Brilliant .. well deservered to all the team
  • The problem with awards, especcialy first anual awards, is who is the compitition. Austrilia and Samba come to mind instantly. Nothing else though. I fear that next year they will either have to give Samba an award (or a key developer), or give it to something less deserving.

    There are thousands of open source projects (look on sourceforge sometime, some even have code). Most are not going anywhere, and are of little use to the average person (or even /. reader).

    So the question is what is next? Good for them if they find enough austrilian programers in various projects to keep giving menaingful awards. I suspect they will have trouble though.

    • I think you might be surprised. There is a lot of FS/OSS activity in Australia.

      It might even be third after USA and Germany.
    • Some Enlightenment [] on the issue.

      For a start there is: Australian Contributions to the Linux movement []
    • Andrew Morton is an Australian... and IMNSHO he's the best thing that's happened to the Linux Kernel in the past few years.
      I could roll a few names off the top off my head: Keith Owens, Rusty Russell, Richard Gooch, Rasterman...
      Tridge is a way cool dude and I'm glad he received this award.
      Take a look around dude 8) You're surrounded by Australians!!! Nooo!!!!

      Proud Aussie
      • Dont forget Rhys Weatherley of pnet, and many others....
        • Oh for sure there's _plenty_ of others, hence the cop-out "..." at the end 8)

          I wouldn't attempt to create a comprehensive list. With any list like this I'd be bound to miss a few people who are just as valid as the ones who made "Stor's List of Great Aussie Open Source Contributors(tm)".

          As you imply, Aussies working on Open Source/ Free Software are not rare.

    • ...the list goes on.

      The quick and the dead, in this world, and we're the quick. Even the overdone unions, the mighty US dollar, and braindead pollies can't keep us down... sorry, but you're talking about "God's own country" here. Even I've contributed to a project or two and I'm only Lord Muck. (-:

      Bigger than Texas. Many, many times bigger... with better radar, smarter rockets and our own space program of sorts.

      Surprise! Not everything in the world happens in the USA. And did I mention that we have the most dangerous collection of wildlife in the world? (-: Not even including the crocodiles? :-)
    • Well, if you follow the links, specifically the award home page [], you'll see that there were a total of thirteen candidates up for election. These were not all the candidates. The nominations committee had quite a job of limiting them, including some who were very deserving. I don't see any difficulty in finding enough candidates for the next three or four years; after that, I hope that new people will have sprung up to keep up the level of competition.

      Greg Lehey
      President, AUUG Inc.
  • I'm not sure whether the samba teams greatest contribution is to open source or to the smb protocol itself. The one thing that is for sure is that without samba it would be much harder to produce a viable migration path away from M$. The way samba is progressing I wonder how many organisations will continue to operate samba servers long after they have purged M$ from their networks?

    My favourite samba feature - vfs modules!
  • Andrew is not just a coder, he is truly inspiring.
    I have sat with him going over some of his code-
    syntax colouring, that lego feeling, elegance.
    He was the one who really taught me about programming in c;
    how effortless it can be.

    A simple idea: ccache []
    A deeper idea: genstruct []

    May he win many more awards!
  • Oi Oi Oi (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    OK, a bit of Australian Culture 101:

    Homer, for a large number reasons, chants
    USA, USA, USA!!!
    Aussie Homer would chant Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!
    and the crowd surrounding him (composed in their
    majority by aussies) would reply with gusto,
    a sharp "Oi Oi Oi!!!" .

    Try it for yourself.. at new years, cricket matches, the rubgy or even at a tennis match with
    Leyton Hewitt. You will be surprised.

    At to those comments as the USA being the best
    country in the world.. it reminds me of a party
    where someone made an off handed comment that
    the best cheese was from Wiconsin..five french nationals turned around and shook their heads
    in unison.. with the expression "You do not
    have a clue of what you are talking about".


    • Re:Oi Oi Oi (Score:4, Funny)

      by G-funk ( 22712 ) <> on Sunday September 08, 2002 @07:29PM (#4217763) Homepage Journal
      Try it for yourself.. at new years, cricket matches, the rubgy or even at a tennis match with
      Leyton Hewitt. You will be surprised.
      .... When somebody like me throws a can of XXXX at your head. We are so very sick to death of hearing that stupid chant.

      And we all know the appropriate things to chant at a cricket match:
      • "HOWZAT!!!"
      • "Come on Aussie come on!"
      • "Bowling shane!" (and of course, "Bowling Warney, feeling horny")
      • "Ooh ah, Glen McGrath"

      Yelling any of these is perfectly acceptable.
      • Re:Oi Oi Oi (Score:1, Funny)

        by Anonymous Coward
        "Hadlee's a wanker!"
      • Hey, it's an Ashes tour this summer... we'll have to deal with "Barmy Army!" chants all summer long...

        OnTopic: congrats to the Samba team (and all others involved in the Awards).

  • congrats (Score:2, Interesting)

    by knighttour ( 250742 )
    Congratulations, Tridge!

    I spoke with you at some length about the chess server you were modifying on FICS without having any idea how famous you were. I assumed you were just a random codemonkey in a sea of samba coders. Hehe.

    Anyway, you're a good guy with people skills to match your coding skills, which is a rare thing in programmers. I'm happy to see you won this award.
  • the contest was sponsored by company called Silicon Breeze [], they also have a shop that sells Linux jewellery []. I quess now you can show others that open source can make you rich (if you sell tux jewellery :)
    • Silicon Breeze is a one man show run by Patryk Zadarnowski. Patryk is a true philanthropist; he's not rich, but he donates a lot of his income to various free software projects. For example, 15% of the income from the daemon statues goes to a BSD project, and he donated the speakers' gifts (Tux and Daemon statues, depending on your taste) for the AUUG annual conference []. I don't think it's appropriate to lump him with the get-rich-quick crowd.

      Greg Lehey
      President, AUUG Inc.
  • For more than a second I sat bewildered at the thought that the "Australian Open" and "The Source Awards" had anything to do with each other. It must be all the tennis I'm watching lately.

  • Congrats Tridg
  • My experience (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ortholattice ( 175065 ) on Sunday September 08, 2002 @07:13PM (#4217689)
    Around 1999 when I was first learning Samba, I made a silly newbie error in smb.conf causing a misleading error message that lead me down a tortuous wrong path. I was desperate to meet an internal deadline which if missed would result in management choosing NT for our file server. With no luck on newsgroups, I wrote the Samba team and within hours got a personal response from "Tridge", who put it in the official FAQ that very same day. I was amazed. And of course the error message was fixed in the next version.
  • Congrats Andrew Was the award only for samba or was it also for all work he completed as part of the samba team? After reading this forum not logged in, I can see I have my threshold said to +2, damn there are some idiots on slashdot
  • You wrote it wrong.
    The whole point is aussie aussie aussie. oi oi oi.

    The stupid chant that us Australians have become famous for when we stole it from somewhere else originally anyhow.
  • aussie chanting (Score:2, Informative)

    by amiol ( 598959 )
    There are quite a number of australians that are being misrepresented here. I'm talking about the ones who cringe with national embarrassment every time some loudmoth attention seeking jerk jumps up and screams 'Aussie ...etc' at the top of their lungs.

    and, It's pronounced ('Ozzee' like 'Mozzie') NOT ('orsie' like 'horsey') ;}

    ps. thanks andrew. Samba is *SO* cool!
  • How to speak Australian [] I personally nominate Kazaa!
  • Speaking of samba, i must thank the samba team for releasing such a great product. I was able to sync ALL the accounts on our school network (i'm in high school) which was hosted in a (god forbid ;-p!) win2k AD server. Without it i might be trying to hack account syncronization between linux and NT boxes, which would be really a great hassle. So far it has been working great, and has worked flawlessly for about a month.

    oi oi Samba! ;-p

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