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Graphic Slicing with The Gimp? 13

Ivo asks: "I'm a webdeveloper working almost exclusively in Linux. But I currently still use Windows to use Adobe's ImageReady, to splice up the designs that we get from our webdesign partners. Usually, if someone asks 'can I do Adobe Photoshop stuff on Linux', the answer is of course, Gimp. Gimp rules. No doubt about that, and I use it all the time. But I miss the features that ImageReady has, like automatic generation of a lot of small images and buttons for a website, including mouseover and mouseoff variants. Doing that manually in Gimp or Photoshop takes hours. Is there a program for Linux, or even better a plugin for Gimp, that does what ImageReady does?" How difficult would something like this be to do using Script-Fu?
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Graphic Slicing with The Gimp?

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  • try python (Score:3, Interesting)

    by DrSkwid ( 118965 ) on Thursday November 22, 2001 @06:44AM (#2600030) Homepage Journal
    and the PIL module [pythonware.com]

    you can even do it interactively

    python is cross platform too so your scripts won't be wasted if/wehn you move platforms

    I use it for generating thumbnails and <img> tags and whatever
    • Re:try python (Score:3, Interesting)

      by DrSkwid ( 118965 )
      quick cut and paste from the pythonware site

      Example: Create JPEG Thumbnails
      import os, sys
      import Image

      for infile in sys.argv[1:]:
      outfile = os.path.splitext(infile)[0] + "-thumb.jpg"
      if infile != outfile:
      im = Image.open(infile)
      im.thumbnail((128, 128))
      im.save(outfile, "JPEG")
      except IOError:
      print "cannot create thumbnail for", infile
      • Example: Create JPEG Thumbnails

        I think ImageMagick [imagemagick.org] will do this better: mkdir thn; cp *.jpg thn; cd thn; mogrify -format jpeg -geometry 128x128 *.jpg or something like that...

        • I think ImageMagick [imagemagick.org] will do this better

          better in that you can't even remember the commands ?:)

          personally the thumbnail example is a bit noddy

          My real script would shink the thumbnails to fit inside a bounding box and preserve their apsect ratio


          tag on a :
          print "" % (filename, img.width, img.height)

          and maybe even throw in some javascript

          show me image magik doing that and I'll be impressed
          • oh ffs stupid bastard htmlfilter

            print "<a href='%'><img src='%' border=0 width='%' height='%' alt='%'></a>" % (filename, thumbfilename, img.width, img.height, 'thumbnail')
  • by pwagland ( 472537 ) on Thursday November 22, 2001 @08:54AM (#2600199) Journal
    Try checking out Gimp Script-fu [gimp.org] or Gimp plugins [gimp.org].

    Or check to see if you have perl-o-tine installed. From the image, right click, filters/web/perl-o-tine... It is included in my SuSE install of gimp 1.2.2, bymmv. Perl-o-tine will split an image into a set of squares for you, I don't really know how to use guides, so at the moment I can only create nxn grids, however, each box can be of an arbitrary size. Doesn't really help with rollovers though.

    The rollover plugin [gimp.org] may help more here, but I have never used it, so don't know how it works.

    Good luck!

    • There's an unlimited supply of guides hidden in the rulers at the side of the images. Just drag a few of them out onto the image.
    • Actually perl-o-tine was one of the very few apps I have ever seen that completely locked up my Linux box - even login via ssh didn't work anymore, had to do a power cycle. After that, I rolled my own Perl script using ImageMagik. Things may have improved since then, didn't try the latest release of gimp.
  • RTFM (Score:1, Troll)

    by Howie ( 4244 )
    I haven't used it, but a trivial google search found the GIMP Table Magic plugin in the gimp manual. That seems to do what you want.
    • by Howie ( 4244 )
      could whoever modded that as a troll please explain?

      I *did* do a simple google search, and *did* find the Table Magic plugin which appears to do exactly as requested, and *is* in the gimp manual. What's the troll? I don't normally care about moderation, but this is silly.
  • Script-Fu is good for zillions of things, like automatical creation of whatever your heart desires.

    Of course, it's based on rather "limited" Scheme implementation. I'd recommend Perl-Fu - everything Script-Fu can do and more, in a vastly easier-to-debug environment.

    Neither of the languages are too hard, but Perl-Fu will be my favorite from now on.

    I have some example scripts in the web [www.iki.fi], too. In case anyone cares. Not much of Perl yet, but more than enough Scheme to confuse anyone =)

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