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Open Source Developer Lab Looking For Board Members 10

A reader writes: "I noticed that the Open Source Development Lab is looking for nominations and commentary on the Community Nominations to the Board. They've got some of the usual suspects on there, but will also take other suggestions. The organization was profiled by Nick Petreley a while back as well."
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Open Source Developer Lab Looking For Board Members

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    look at how much reply this article has, this goes to show how much slashdot community cares about opensource, if it was linux/ms specific or written by john katz, we would have 500 replies by now instead of 20+. sigh.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I am new to programming, so no flames please. Can something like this be ported to Perl? (I am trying to learn it.)

    I have been reading a lot lately about the importance of "strong typing" and I suspect that this program (if it can be written in Perl at all) is defintely an example where that would be needed.

    So, I guess what I am really asking is: Is this kind of program only able to be written well in something like C++ or Java?

    (Besides that I have a feeling that using an object-oriented language (like Visual C++) would reduce the amount of code you would have to write (due to increased code re-use.))

    Are there any serious programmers out there that can answer this question?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Larry Augustin - President, CEO & Director, VA Linux Systems
    Great, a guy that's currently on the recieving end of a shareholder lawsuit due to not playing by the rules when his company IPO'd.

    Tim O'Reilly - President, O'reilly Associates
    Isn't this the guy Bruce Perens described as the "biggest parasite in the open source community"? Why yes, I believe it is. This was part of why Bruce resigned from OSI [] and returned to the Free Software movement.

    Eric Raymond - Author, The Cathedral and the Bazaar
    Didn't this guy threaten to kill Bruce Perens []? Yes, I believe he did. Question for you ESR, why isn't Open Source a trademark anymore? Is it because you couldn't work and play well with others (namely Bruce)?

    Randy Terbush - Co-founder, Director & Treasurer, Apache Foundation; Founder & CTO, Covalent
    Actually an OK guy by all accounts I've heard.

    Bob Young - Chairman, Red Hat Software
    I think Mae Ling Mak [] said it best: There's a bug in redhat and his name is Bob []. The way Bob reacted after discovering that one of his employess had been sexually harassing Ms. Mak online was disgraceful. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment in the workplace. I hope the guy involved never works again.

    Wow, talk about choosing the lesser of several evils.

  • If one has to get an account first in order to only *read* the damned article in the link, then it is no surprise to get so little response from an audience of which each member already has an overflowing mailbox of so called 'opt-in' stuff.
    (From sites like the NYT [] everyone accepts this, perhaps because we may revisit it some time in the future and it is known to have usefull information).

    So, without having seen the info in the link, how can we comment sensibly?
    It is not so much about not caring about Open Source, as more about "Well euh... dunno, can't tell, what is this about?"

  • I wouldn't trust companies claiming to advocate open source when their coffers are full of patents and trademarks. Thats not to say that all of them are, but the big ones are sure to be like IBM, Hewllett Packard etc. etc.,
  • This post just made my day! Said day has been long, I am tired, but this brought a smile to my face. Maybe it's not a joke, all the same I think I'll treat it as such and in that case, it's funny! Bless you Anonymous Coward, one of your best posts. Seriously, this is not sarcasm.

  • No need for strong typing. You can do something like this in most modern high-level languages, although how easy it will be depends on the language. It's actually easier in languages with weak, or at least dynamic, typing, since you don't have to declare all those "this is an array of strings" variables.

    Here's that pseudo-code translated into a working Python program:

    # Program creates a very generic site title
    # or project title - "Open Source Development Lab"
    # a perennial favourite.

    from random import choice

    PreWordArray = ('GNU','g','k','Linux','OSS','Open Source','Free Software')
    MainWordArray = ('Developer','Development','Programmer','Designer' ,'User','PHB','Engineer','Guru','Wizard')
    PostWordArray = ('Lab','Site','Homepage','.com','.net','.org','Bui lder','Shack','Hangout','Project','Foundation','As sociation')

    ProjectName = choice(PreWordArray) + choice(MainWordArray) + choice(PostWordArray)

    print ProjectName

    Python has often been compared to executable pseudo-code. Now you can see why.<wink>

  • I'm really excited to see some things starting to come about with this OSDL. Luckily, we're based out of Camas (30 minutes from the OSDL), so my company and I plan to be spending a lot of time with the OSDL (not to mention one of our employees is already enrolled in the university). So far I'm interested in the "Corporate Sponsor" option they have for $10,000, but I'm still waiting to tour the place and see what's going into it. We have a lot of open source apps and configurations that we'd like to test on some of the proposed 'big iron'. For example, I want to test out the new database clustering code that was checked into the PostgreSQL CVS a few weeks back. Maybe get a new IBM big iron in there and run a few dozen 'virtual linux's, with postgresql doing read only clustering, and then do some benchmarking. That would help us make the case for dropping some of the Oracle cluster technology for the open source solution.
  • Are there only a dozen porogrammers in the open source world? I get the feeling that even this might be an exagereation. whats the point of a community if 99% of people are leeching of the other 1%?
  • by Jacques Chester ( 151652 ) on Wednesday January 17, 2001 @01:07AM (#502503)
    Apologies for pseudocode. But deal.

    // Program creates a very generic site title
    // or project title - "Open Source Development Lab"
    // a perennial favourite.

    PreWordArray is array of strings
    MainWordArray is array of strings
    PostWordArray is array of strings

    PreWordArray = (GNU,g,k,Linux,OSS,Open Source,Free Software)
    MainWordArray =(Developer,Development,Programmer,Designer,User,P HB,Engineer,Guru,Wizard)
    PostWordArray = (Lab,Site,Homepage,.com,.net,.org,Builder,Shack,Ha ngout,Project,Foundation,Association)

    ProjectName is string

    ProjectName = PreWordArray.getRandom + MainWordArray.getRandom + PostWordArray.getRandom

    print ProjectName

    "Don't declare a revolution unless you are prepared to be guillotined." - Anon.

The relative importance of files depends on their cost in terms of the human effort needed to regenerate them. -- T.A. Dolotta