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Paul Jones Webcast 13

Matt Knuppel writes: "There will be a discussion with Paul Jones, Founder and Director of ibiblio/MetaLab/SunSITE, on Red Hat Center's Center Stage webcast on Tuesday, November 28th at 8:00 pm EST. It will be an hour long. Paul will be discussing ibiblio, open source, and contributor-run libraries. Questions for Paul can be submitted to"
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Paul Jones Webcast

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  • I was hoping for *Paula* Jones.

    Or maybe I'm just Linda Tripping.
  • Yes, those were fun days when if I needed an application I had to search tsx-11 or sunsite by hand looking for it. Then I'd have to gunzip | tar -xvf it, compile it and install it on my Slackware box.

    What position do those kinds of sites have now that distro's like Debian, etc. host their own packages and sources to almost all available software?

    I must admit, as much as I enjoy rolling my own binary it has become excessively easy (and time efficient) just to apt-get it.

  • by SMN ( 33356 ) on Sunday November 26, 2000 @08:56AM (#601005)
    Did anybody else read that as Paula Jones and instantly assume that it's some smutty porn webcast? I really need to get out more. . .
  • You have to love "over 55 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation freely available for download via FTP and/or WWW access" If you have a linux box and broadband, this is your first bookmark.
  • That is all part of the paradox.

    Others make money from the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of developers. Many of those same people also aquire quite a bit of public attention for their "work" for open source. I find that to be the biggest insult.

    Only until companies realized the potential Open Source software had to earn money it was dismissed it as infantile rebellion.

    Of course, the whole Open Source idea is "just the code." The developers want neither attention nor financial compensation. If they did would they not sell their software? Capitalism is a wonderful thing, but it slams in the face of the socialistic qualities of Open Source. Free Software. If you want a feature then add it yourself. That's the way it should be.

    In response, don't put more people in the public eye; more talking heads trying to convince people that Open Source is more than just free software. Get back to developing a quality product instead of trying to get everyone to use a medeocre one.

  • Not a question., I just wanted to say thanks for hosting the funniest cartoon on the net. For anyone who hasn't seen them here's a sample [].
  • Another moron running the show. What the hell is ibidido or libido anyways...Why do these people want to demonstrate some kind of coolness in choosing a name anyways? As if the name alone will solve any problems... The goal of this project is to popularize OSS...Why not demonstrate the ability to learn by naming it or something... How do you suppose and got so popular? Not to mention's in the name stupid.
  • Oh sorry this is more than free software repository. They want to be everything. If that's what they are...slashdotters shouldn't care. ./ had been used for free commerical web space.
  • reporters are scared of people like kernel hackers...
  • Nope. I read it as Tom Jones and I couldn't figure out exactly who would be listening to him on a web cast.

    Actually between the two, I think I'd rather see Tom Jones
  • it's hooked up to Internet2... so those of use with the fortune to be on a campus with I2 access get REALLY fast d/l's.... "damn.. that took me 20 seconds to d/l the 18Mb kernel source... must be a heavy load..." =)

  • Try not to rely on the <P>, or you might end making a paragraph.
  • by pjones ( 10800 ) on Sunday November 26, 2000 @03:13PM (#601015) Homepage
    First off, [] is a University of North Carolina [] not-for-profit working with a private foundation funded by Bob Young and Marc Ewing [] -- ibiblio is *non-commercial*.

    Second, I'd like to meet Paula Jones, too. If anyone can get her to join the webcast, please do what you can. BTW I was Paul Jones before she was Paul Jones.

    Lastly, please do send me questions. I am not "a commercial figure" and I have been involved with Linux and several Linux projects since we took over the US mirror of Linus' distro from in 1992 (as

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