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Damn. I'm a Cat Person.

Its official. I'm a cat person. After years of shunning the felines, I've finally accepted them. Kathleen had 3 kittens and a very small apartment. So I took one off of her hands with the understanding that if he pissed me off, or my alergies took off, he could return to her place... well his name is Matrix (named a year before the movie came out, but nobody believes that :( and he's the cutest little brown cat. Very naughty. But I find myself petting him and hugging him. Its amazing how the little rascal manages to just dissipate the stress of work in just a few minutes of petting and playing. For years I was skeptical of 'Cat People' but I'm glad I gave it a shot... a heart attack at 25 was seeming pretty likely for awhile there...
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Damn. I'm a Cat Person.

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