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Who's got the Juice?

I'm off to Australia for the the LinuxExpo. I leave in 2 hours. This marks the first time I've left this continent (and I really have a hard time considering Canada as leaving the US ;) With my passport, hotel, and everything else taken care of, I'm ready. Now if I was a normal person, I would be concerned with packing clothes, but instead I'm concerned with packing... batteries! I have a VAIO: well known for having the worst battery life on earth.. an hour an a half max. But I've got 22 hours of flight time to do battle with... so I've stolen every spare battery that can be had: my quad, my single, Jeff's quad, Kurt, nate and pater's single. So I have 2 Quad's (4-5 hours each) and 4 singles (an hour and some change each). I figure I've got close to 15 hours of battery time. Thats a whole lot of civilization:ctp. I suppose I could get some work done too.


It does disturb me that pound for pound I'm bringing more batteries than laundry. I hope importing Lithium Ion isn't a crime!

Oh, and nobody email me for a week, ok? *grin*

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Who's got the Juice?

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