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Bad Hardware Karma

Yes its happening again: Bad hardware karma is sweeping through the geek compound. Lets look at the list from just the last few days
  • Nate's gaming machine randomly crashes about every 15 minutes (windows)
  • The harddrive in CowboyNeal's machine has gone wonky
  • My brand spanking new TiVo has something wrong with it. I have to ship it back and get it replaced.
  • My router box's harddrive started freakin out. It stopped booting last night.
  • My old laptop crashes randomly (windows)
most of this hardware sits on a UPS. I've always believed that bad hardware karma comes in spurts and I figure I'm stocking up on it.

On the positive side, we got a handful of the Lucent wireless cards... super sweet. 11mbs and wireless. If I could get a box stable for long enough to test the range, I'd be a happy jack.

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Bad Hardware Karma

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