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Vote:Most Improved Open Source Project 16

This is the big one. $30k to project that has improved the most. The project that is making Open Source dominate. The nominees are no surprise: GNOME, Mozilla, KDE, LiViD, PHP and Wine. Go Talk about it. Vote. Repeat until satisfied.
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Vote:Most Improved Open Source Project

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  • by Crow- ( 35 )
    check out []. These are the guys bringinging us DVD and hardware accelerated video playback, they deserve it the most.
  • Mozilla deserves the honor, but what good will US$30.000 do for the project? I think the money can do much more good for some of the other projects.
  • Easy choice.

    Outside contributors are now greater than the ones within Netscape. Everyone has a chance to be involved. Even me, and I'm not a C++ coder. I can check in graphics, patches, report bugs, and file testcases to help speed up development.

    Mozilla's bug system is fantastic. Mozilla is fantastic.
  • This is about selecting the project that has improved the most. Selecting the entity that can make best use of the money and claiming their project has improved most is quite much like conducting a benchmark test [] after selecting which product will win.
  • What do we measure against? Most improved in the last six months? last year? ever?

  • If we're talking about projects that have helped Open Source become more dominant then surely Linux and other Open Source OS's should get a mention and not the rpojects that depend on them?
  • Version 1.0 was totally unstable for me. It was definitely rushed out. October Gnome is rock solid for me, havn't seen it crash in weeks. It is really really slick. Gnome has come from far behind (started a year later than KDE) and is now at least as usable as Windows and KDE. Definitely deserving of this award, and $30,000 will go REALLY far towards helping its continued growth towards the show stopping 2.0. Mozilla is also just as improved as Gnome, but another $30,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to what AOL is shuveling into that project.
  • For incorporating OpenSSH (which other projects are now using); for actually auditing the existing code rather than merely adding lots of superfluous new features; for becoming, undisputedly, the world's most secure UNIX-like OS. The project is run on a shoestring and needs the cash, unlike Mozilla (which gets big bucks from AOL) and GNOME (supported by several organizations including the cash-rich FSF). It should be at the top of the ballot.

    --Brett Glass

  • by mpav ( 101167 )
    Come see us at LinuxWorld Expo in New York! We will be in the .org pavillion. Oh, and if you have a second, vote for LiViD.
  • I don't really know which of these has improved more. They both seem nice to me, but gnome can be unstable.

    Any suggestions on which is best? Or should I vote for something else?

    Is this the FP also?

  • I'm voting for Mozilla [], here's why:
    • At the beginning of 1999 the Mozilla project decided to take a bold move and ditch most of the old Netscape Communicator code and rewrite the rendering engine from scratch making standards compliance number one priority.
    • The project suffered some setbacks, including the leaving of a key employee Jamie Zawinski []. The press often made the Mozilla project sound like it was going nowhere but despite the negative press AOL/Netscape continues to fund the development and we're nearly approaching beta.
    • The project is the only one in the list that works on Multiple platforms. This is an open source product many Windows users will use as well as Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, etc. Writing a cross platform program can be difficul but Mozilla has done well
    • Mozilla is often the project that companies look to judge the success of open source. We have to show these companies that Mozilla is a success by raising the profile of the project

  • Yes, but in a better world, we would be able to choose how to allot the money, as we can't its a bit of a waist of the money to give it to AOL. So, its a moral debate.

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