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Oh My God He Bought a Suit

So with no less then 3 weddings in my fairly near future and I decided that the time had come to buy a suit. I've worn ties before (I actually wore a tie for years in high school when I carried out groceries) but excluding rental tuxes for a couple of formals (I believe a total of 2 this lifetime, not sure about previous ones) in high school, I have never worn the dreaded "Jacket and Tie" combo.

Often college students purchase "The Interview Suit" towards the end of their careers. This is of course so that when companies talk to them, they think that they are more then beer guzzling hackers. I circumvented this by quitting my day job and working on Slashdot full time.

But now I've done it. I went to the store. I picked out a suit that I liked. And I even got (non-tennis/non-slipper) shoes to wear. Now the suit is being fixed up to my exact measurements so apparently it'll only fit me.

I feel kinda dirty, but I look pretty good. On the positive side, I only have to wear it for a total of like 15 hours out of the next 10,000.

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Oh My God He Bought a Suit

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