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Journal raider_red's Journal: Women!

Okay, I'm frustrated. Last night, I took a lady out to dinner. (this was our third time out.) We had a good time, enjoyed the meal together, and then went for dessert and coffee at a different restaraunt.

After that, I drove her back to her place, talked for a while, discussed where to go out to next week, said good night, and then drove home. When I got home, there was an email waiting for me saying she wanted to break things off because she didn't feel ready to get into a new relationship.

I'm not as upset about the fact that she broke up with me, so much as the manner in which she did it. First, email is far to impersonal a medium for that kind of thing. Second, I WAS SITTING IN HER APPARTMENT FIVE MINUTES BEFORE SHE SENT THE EMAIL. I've known this girl for almost four years. We go to Church together, and we've been running into each other socially since around '01 when I met her at a Christmas party. I feel mad at myself for overestimating her. I felt like she was a better (or at least braver) person than that. The fact that she couldn't tell me face to face irks me to no end.

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