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Journal Fjandr's Journal: My first freak! And a comment on moderation... 7

Both are related to this comment: #11630402

My first freak is Walles (99143) as a result of that comment! :)

Maybe it's because I made indirect fun of lythander (21981) and disagreed with b-baggins (610215), in the same story. Both are his friends.


As for someone moderating my comment troll, here's Wiki on trolls. Last I checked, disliking the opinion in a comment does not automatically make it a troll.

I relate all this not because I really care, but because it's all highly amusing. Karma-stalking or not? Make of it what you will... :)

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My first freak! And a comment on moderation...

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  • And I just used a couple on your comments. Look at my JE's & comments - I been facing the same wall as you...

    What in god's name is a "Freak" anyway? I have seen this fer years.

    • Okay, friend and fan are linked, and foe and freak are linked.

      A friend is someone you determine, and a fan is when someone puts you on their friend list.

      A foe is also someone you determine yourself, and a freak is someone who has you on their foe list.

      And I just took the AC's advice in this thread and made Walles my friend. :)

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