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Journal Porn Whitelist's Journal: I'm B-A-A-A-C-K !!! 4

Corrected Script - transposed an el and a one" (thanks to Nucleardog for pointing out I made a fuckup). Corrected script below :-)

Sorry for the hiatus (holidays, stupid dog that eats EVERYTHING, work, etc., but I'm back, and here we go with another simple script:


$dir= "g1";
$ext=".jpg -w 4";

for ($i=1; $i<=25; $i++) {
if ($i < 10) {
$cmd = "wget $site/$dir/$file" . "0" . $i . $ext;
} else {
$cmd = "wget $site/$dir/$file" . $i . $ext;

25 large pictures (many 2000 x 3000), suitable for "testing" that large-format colour laser down the hall (I wish :-)

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Total to date : 3.866 gigs of porn.

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I'm B-A-A-A-C-K !!!

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  • Long: I was just about to submit a quick cURL line to download 'em all, but then noticed that all I was getting (instead of images) was HTML files. I tried the address in a browser and also the script you provided (in case I had misinterpreted it when I got the URL for my browser/cURL), all report the same thing...

    Short: 404'd.

    • curl "[01-25].jp g" -o "met-art_fl_00#1.jpg"
      cURL line to download 'em all. Have fun.

      (Remember to remove the space Slashcode inserts into the URL.)

      • to automatically make curl save files with the names the server owner gave them (i.e., to save whatever6.jpg as whatever6.jpg) just use -O (capital 'oh').
        curl -O[01-25].jpg
  • I copied the script from one computer to another over breakfast, and substituted a 1 in place of an "el". Damn!

    Thanks for pointing out the error so quickly.


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