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Journal The_Guv'na's Journal: Well, here goes... and i need help.

I thought I might as well start my lameass journal seeing as I've been reading /. for well over a year now...

What has prompted me is the fact that I don't really have any tech-head friends and we all need a shoulder to cry on. Well, my tears are usually computer related, so my usual friends aint much use when they can't even understand whats pissing me off.

I'll most likeley be writing about anything I wanna get off my chest, or otherwise need to express.

So whats on the "Things pissing Ali off" list today? Well first off a rather untimeley hard disk failure, meaning my 80gb RAID is offline. I was running 2 of them, striped. Nothing critical lost thank fuck, but many hours of savegames and configuration. I'm writing this on my old system. I will not be buying any more IBM hard drives. Nope. Never!

Secondly, every piece of damn hardware I get from C.E.X. is shot to shit, and overpriced. A friend of mine worked there and I can tell you it's definiteley a place to avoid at all costs! You have been warned!

Help me out here: What hardware manufacturers do people recommend? I know F.I.C. suck fat loads, but who has had long term reliability from their hardware? Something that benchmarks cannot show.

Any help greatly appreciated :)


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Well, here goes... and i need help.

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