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United States

Journal orthogonal's Journal: Visitors to US to be tagged with RFID by Homeland Security 4 reports that 'the US Department of Homeland Security has decided to trial RFID tags' .... 'to track both pedestrians and vehicles entering the US to automatically record when the visitors arrive and leave in the country.'

Welcome to the Land of the Free!, number 4c62c570-70c5-11d9-9669-0800200c9a66! You'll be reflecting at 2450 MHz, enjoy your stay!

The article goes on to explain that

The testing phase will continue until the spring of next year. The exact way RFID will be used with the travellers is not yet known.

. . . .

US Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security, Asa Hutchinson, said in a statement: "Through the use of radio frequency technology, we see the potential to not only improve the security of our country, but also to make the most important infrastructure enhancements to the US land borders in more than 50 years."

What is your frequency, Kenneth?

Remind me again why the most talented foreign scientists are no longer doing research in America?

And how soon will the "success" of this program lead to tagging government employees and contractors as a prelude to tagging all citizens?

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Visitors to US to be tagged with RFID by Homeland Security

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  • It would be unconstitutional.

    I am *absolutely* confident that we can stop tagging of all US Citizens; even if the neoncons manage to get a court that would let them do it, this is beyond what the public will stand for. This is so obvious that even said neocons would not try it.

    Government employees will almost certainly get RFID tags, especially in security-conscious sections.

    Convicted felons? Parolees? We've already got the bracelets. Them too.

    However, I fully expect the vast majority of people to carry
  • It seems mainland American is in denyal that the real threat [] is from Saudi Arabia [] and its state sponsered terrorism []. Its a pity because it would be interesting to visit the States at some time. But with the current restrictions myself as an allied Australian I wont set foot on US soil.

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