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Journal aichpvee's Journal: How to build a high quality foes list. 1

Today we are going to take a look at building a /. foes list of the quality that is highest. This will be an on-going process, so make sure to check my foes list often for future tips and pointers.

First I will add all of the Gentoo fanbois. This is going to be a BIG help to expanding my list. Though out of respect to them as fellow (I use the term loosely) Linux users I will not be adding those who admit that they are lame for using Gentoo but use it anyway.

Then I'll follow this up with the slam-dunk of foes list tricks. I'll add all of the mac fanbois. These kids run "unix" because they are so "31337" and not Linux so no special treatment here, they ALL go on no questions aksed.

If your foes list is still looking a little limp (which it shouldn't) you can always pad those numbers by adding Fedora fanbois (they are still around, right?) and the ever-present Windows fanbois.

The last tip for today is a little word of warning. Many of these dangerous and wild groups are likely to scan their freaks lists and then put you on their own foes list. Besides being foe list cheating they also have a tendency to troll their foes list and mod people down whenever they get mod points while boosting their fellow fanbois for asinine comments featuring "intuitability" and phrases like "omfg 4pp13 |2 60|)!!?!>?/!!?!?"

In a future edition we will be taking a look at how to pad your friends list, though that will be an advanced article only recommended for equally advanced users.

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How to build a high quality foes list.

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  • Read messages, if you like someone's comments, just add them as a friend. If you see a friend's posting that's stupid, make them a foe.

    Fixes your friends list real fast.

    That said, you're on my friends list (and vice-versa) but I have high karma still. Gotta figure that one out.

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