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Journal Migor's Journal: Migor is hungover! 1

Migor is in a bad mood. Migor is not quite angry but he is upset.

Migor did spend his Saturday afternoon at the block party. He did have many beers and he did sneak into his neighbors house several times to smoke marijuana.

Then he did sit in a lawn chair outside and watched the airplanes fly into the airport because Migor's house is near the airport. Migor does not go to his house often because it is not as nice as his mighty spaceship.

Then Migor did dine on Churches Chicken. It pleased migor. And he sat in the launcher and did eat the chicken, and Migor did drink the beer, and Migor did become foolish and intoxicated.

Then Migor did fall asleep on his couch. He had a dream Where he was at work naked. When Migor woke up he was unsettled. Then Migor remembered he does not have a job because Migor is all powerful. He also remembered Migor does not wear clothing.

But Migors head then began to throb from the pain of the mighty hangover. This bothered Migor. First Migor found his neighbors and disintegrated them for serving Migor the beer and the drugs. He then did harvest their souls and cooked them on the Webber grill in his Neighbor Bob's garage.

Migor had confused souls with Oysters as a good cure for a hangover. The souls did not make Migor better. He still was ill. Migor then did destroy eleven thousand, four and thirty star systems to cheer himself up.

This did not work. Then Migor turned on ISPN ( Interstellar SPorts Network) and he did watch his favorite sport: Oyster Tag.

Oyster tag is a very slow game. It is much slower then common Earth tag, as Oysters do not have legs and cannot move very much. The last Interplanetary championship of Oyster Tag took several millennium and went through several hundred million generations of oysters. The Winner ended up being an Oyster named Tirza who was from Earth off the coast of a place Earthlings call Maine.

Tirza was then eaten, raw, by the officiating judge.

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Migor is hungover!

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